My Photography: In My Own Back Yard

Hello! Welcome back. For this post I wanted to share a few photographs of creatures I have seen in my backyard. I think it is amazing that you can find so many beautiful things anywhere you go, even in your own backyard. I am so lucky that I live near the woods and that I am able to photograph the wildlife. Please enjoy!

There are so many days and nights when I hear owls outside my house. My mom and I often watch them from the windows and go into the woods behind our house to see if we can find them. This is just one of the many images I have taken of them. I love the angle of this image because the owls face is perfectly aligned between the branches of the tree.

IMG_0300 copyThis is the only time when I photographed a hawk. They are not rarely seen in my backyard but this was the only time I was able to actually capture one in a photograph. I think these birds are fascinating and so beautiful. I hope that I get another chance to photograph more soon.

Woodpeckers are one of my favorite birds and there are so many in my backyard. I have many images of woodpeckers but this is one of my favorites. Their colors are so beautiful and they are very easy to spot among the green of the leaves. This photograph is of a Pileated Woodpecker.

IMG_1907Besides birds, I also see many different types of butterflies. They are very hard to photograph because they move so fast. When I spotted this butterfly I stood very still so I didn’t scare it. The butterfly landed on this leaf and stayed long enough for me to get a lot of great shots. This photograph is of a Monarch Butterfly.

Editors Note: All photographs are owned my me. If you want to see more of my photographs please visit my photography Website and Instagram. If you want to use an image please email me here


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