Trip With Me: New York City

Hello again!

I am starting a new blog series called Trip With Me. For this post I will be talking all about my July 4th 2017 trip to New York City! I will be sharing my experience and some of the photographs I took on the trip. Thank you to my friend Marie for inviting me. Please enjoy.

My friend from college Marie invited me to visit her in NYC for the 4th of July. On July 3rd I took the train from Washington DC to New York City. I had an annoying incident with Uber (I thought my driver was kidnapping me but he just missed the turn to the drop off location) but everything ended up alright. I met Marie and we walked to the apartment. We stayed in a little apartment in Manhattan near the East River. It was very cute and had a private rooftop. After catching up and cooling off we took a trip to Central Park. We used the NYC Subway to get there. This was my first experience with the NYC Subway and I was confusing and a bit scary but necessary to the NYC experience.

I wanted to go to Central Park because I wanted to visit the fountain from Kimmy Schmidt (The Cherry Hill Fountain). Marie had never been to Central Park either so we had to google where it was located. Lucky for us we were on the right side of the park and made our way to the fountain. We walked through the Central Park Zoo, we did not go inside to see the animals. We continued walking and came across people making giant bubbles and decided to take a few photos. Then we finally got to the fountain there was hardly anyone there so we were able to take really great photos. After that we walked around a bit more and then headed home.

The next day, the 4th of July we got up early and took the subway to Coney Island. The metro broke down on the way there but luckily we were not stuck for long. We made it to Coney Island before the stands were open so we walked along Brighton Beach. It started raining as we were making our way back to we took cover for a few minutes and kept going. When we got back it was already so crowded and we squeezed our way through towards Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs. I am not a big fan of hot dogs but these were actually very delicious. We walked around the grounds for a while taking photographs and went to Ruby’s Bar and Grill for a nice cold pina colada. Then we headed to the Coney Island Art Walls which are giant murals painted by different artists. This is the reason I was so excited to visit Coney Island and they did not disappoint. After that we headed home.

A while after we got back we headed to the East River to watch the Macy’s Firework show. We got to the spot very early and Marie and I talked, took pictures and played some conversation games. When it was finally time to see the show we got out our cameras and began shooting. The show was incredible and I got some great photos and video. As we made our way back to the apartment I experienced New York at its finest. The streets were crowded with people and you could even see the Empire State Building lit up in red, white and blue.

The next morning I packed up my things and headed home. I had such a great time and I can’t thank Marie enough for inviting me and spending the holiday with me. I hope I can go back again soon.

Editors Note: I do not own the rights to the murals featured the Coney Island Art Walls photos. All photographs are owned my me. If you want to see more of my photographs please visit my photography Website and Instagram. If you want to use an image please email me here. Please visit my friend Marie’s Instagram and Behance pages as well. Show her some love!


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